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Getting Started

Getting Started

The Ashland County Community Foundation makes it easy for you to apply for grants online. Please read the instructions below before beginning an application. All ACCF grant applications should be made online unless otherwise noted.

Step 1.

Review eligibility, guidelines and deadlines

  • Each competitive grantmaking program administered by ACCF has its own guidelines for eligibility, application and deadlines for submission. Applicants are highly encouraged to read and understand these guidelines before starting an application.

  • Please note that some grantmaking programs require applicants to have an interview with ACCF staff prior to submitting a grant application. Be sure to plan accordingly to allow time for this step in the process.

Step 2.

Create an account

  • To apply for competitive grants, you must visit our Online Grants System and create an account.

  • Click on “Create New Account,” and select one login email address and password to be used for all your submissions. ACCF will communicate all pertinent information to this email address. (Existing users may enter login credentials.)

Step 3.

Select the grant program to which you’re applying and complete the online grant application

Feel free to reach out to ACCF staff with questions or for help at any time during the grants process.

Step 4.

ACCF will review your application

Your grant application is reviewed first by program staff. ACCF staff will notify you via email if additional information or clarification is needed. Your completed application is then reviewed by an appropriate grants committee.

Step 5.

ACCF may request an applicant interview

Some grantmaking programs require or request an interview with the grants committee following its initial review of your application. You will be notified by email should an interview be requested.

Step 6.

Final grant decisions are made

The committee’s recommendations for funding are ratified or approved by the Ashland County Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees. You will be notified by email if your organization received full or partial funding, or in some cases, if funding has not been granted, Decisions are typically made within 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.