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Professional Advisors

Help your clients achieve their goals

Many of your clients already donate regularly to organizations and programs close to their hearts. You probably have clients who dream of making a larger gift or leaving a charitable legacy.

When you partner with Ashland County Community Foundation, it’s easy to help your clients maximize both their tax benefits and their philanthropic impact.

Here’s how we help:

We work as your partner.

You stay in control of your client relationships-we’re here to help you provide a full range of services to your clients.

We understand charitable giving.

Whether it’s setting up an alternative to a private foundation or putting together a complicated estate plan, we have giving instruments to meet your clients’ particular needs.

We are in touch with needs in our community.

We can help your clients be as effective as possible in their giving.

We offer the opportunity to recommend charitable giving to your clients without recommending a specific charity.

By working through us, your clients can support a wide range of charities, near and far.

We help you connect across generations.

When you help families establish an advised fund with us, you and they can stay involved for generations.

We help your clients who may wish to donate a variety of assets.

These might include cash, appreciated securities and real estate. These can be assets they give now or later, as part of their estate plans.

You can help make a difference in the lives of your clients.

By partnering with us, you may be able to help your clients increase their current income, increase their beneficiaries’ inheritance, leave a legacy in the community, and teach their children about philanthropy.

As a public charity, we offer maximum federal and state tax benefits.

And starting a fund at a community foundation is significantly less expensive, and easier, than starting a private foundation.

The Ashland County Community Foundation provides accurate and timely information, so you can better serve your clients.

Upon request, our staff can provide printed materials and custom presentations.

Types of Gifts

These are just a few of the types of gifts we receive. We also accept other complex gifts that many organizations cannot, so we welcome a discussion about your client’s situation. More details are available in our Gift Policies and Guidelines.


Usually in the form of a check, a cash gift is the most direct and popular way of giving. For federal income tax purposes, outright cash gifts are fully deductible for up to 60% of your client’s adjusted gross income.


When your client gifts appreciated stock, they avoid paying capital gains tax on the increase in stock value, and they receive a tax deduction for the full market value of the stock.

Real Estate

If your client has owned property for many years, a charitable gift of that real estate can be especially tax-advantageous.

Retirement Plan Assets

Clients may want to name ACCF as a beneficiary of their retirement plan assets and channel other assets to their loved ones.

Life Insurance

If a previously purchased life insurance policy is no longer needed, it may be desirable for your client to use the insurance policy for charitable giving.


Bequests allow your client to use their will as a means of making gifts to ACCF. We can provide suggested language for a variety of bequest types.

Life Income Gifts

With life income gifts, your client can receive annual payments for their lifetime and then leave remaining dollars to ACCF upon the client’s death.

Types of Funds

We offer several endowment fund types, allowing your client to have as much or as little involvement as they would like in determining how grants are distributed from their fund.

Any of our fund types can bear your client’s name or the name of someone your client wishes to honor or remember. We can also offer anonymity if your client prefers.

There is no cost to set up an endowment fund with ACCF, but we do charge each fund an annual fee to cover the costs associated with administering the fund. This fee is always deducted from the fund, so additional dollars are never required from the donor.

A donor-advised fund is a great alternative to a private foundation. Your client can add money to their fund on one schedule and make grants to support organizations, programs and projects on another. This allows them to maximize tax benefits and have money available when they’re ready to give.

Donor designated funds are a great way to sustainably support specific nonprofit organizations. Each year, we’ll grant distributions from your client’s fund to the organization they designate. We’ll also monitor the organization to make sure your client’s grant is being used in the way they intended.

Donors can also create a type of fund designated fund called an Agency Fund, allowing the organization they support to become an ACCF Agency Partner. Contact us for more information.

With a field of interest fund, your client can ensure their fund distributions are supporting a certain program area, such as arts or education, without designating a particular charity. This type of fund provides the foundation with flexibility to meet changing community needs within your client’s field of interest.

By creating a scholarship, you can help your client make higher education possible for students. Scholarships are often created to honor or remember someone special and can be named for the donor or honoree. We can set up your client’s fund and administer their scholarship based on their desired criteria.

When your client sets up an unrestricted fund with ACCF, they are trusting our board of trustees and our staff to invest their gift and use the income it generates to support the areas of greatest need in our community. Your client can still create a named fund, even if they choose not to designate the recipient of their grant dollars.