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IMPACT Youth Council

Ashland County Community Foundation’s IMPACT Youth Council offers high school students the opportunity to serve as grantmakers.

IMPACT is an acronym for Imagine Making Philanthropy an Ashland County Tradition.

Members of the IMPACT Youth Council learn about the needs of youth in Ashland County and then review grant applications from organizations that provide services to meet those needs. The students then decide how grant dollars should be awarded from ACCF’s Youth Empowerment Fund.

Nonprofits, click here to learn more and apply for an IMPACT Youth Grant.

Donors who wish to support the IMPACT Youth Council financially can make a donation to the “CUTTY Fund for Youth Empowerment.”

Students, read on for information about eligibility, program requirements and the application process.

Eligibility and Application

Each spring, we look for students who will be sophomores, juniors and seniors in the following school year. Students from Ashland, Hillsdale, Loudonville and Mapleton high schools as well as the Ashland-West Holmes Career Center, Ashland County Community Academy, Genesis Christian Academy or home schools may apply.

The IMPACT Youth Council requires a time commitment involving attendance at monthly meetings on Sundays during the school year, periodic field trips to nonprofit agencies within Ashland County. Participants are also expected to complete a small amount of work outside scheduled meetings.

The application deadline is April 30, and we are no longer accepting applications. 

Meet the Council

2021-2022 Student Roster

Ashland High School

Emma Al-Mehari, Senior

Joshua Bonfiglio, Sophomore

Andrew Briggs, Junior 

Makayla Dreibelbis, Junior

Sara Finks, Junior

Adalyn Kocher, Sophomore

Jianmei Lefelhoc, Junior

Bailey Parsons, Senior

Emma Schaefer, Junior

Courtney Stewart, Junior

Jacob Stump, Senior

Andrew Swartz, Sophomore



Hillsdale High School

Brody Schoen, Senior


Mapleton High School

Alanna Campbell, Junior

Kiana Foran, Senior

Jaylynn Knuth, Junior

Rylee Steigerwalt, Junior


Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center

Morgan Bednar, Senior

Samantha Patterson, Senior

Alexa Sapyta, Senior


Genesis Christian Academy/ Home School

John Keim, Sophomore

Charity Wolfe, Junior