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Setting a vision for Ashland’s future

The City of Ashland’s 2019 Targeted Action Plan provides a blueprint for creating positive, transformational change in the city.

Through a grant from Ashland County Community Foundation, the city convened a steering committee of local leaders and hired professional planners to identify and plan a few key projects designed to move the city forward. These priority projects will serve as catalysts, paving the way for further investments in Ashland’s future.

ACCF President/CEO Jim Cutright helped facilitate the hiring of the professional planning firm and provided visionary leadership on the Targeted Action Plan steering committee.

The plan focuses on the U.S. 250 corridor as an attractive “front door” to the community and on the downtown area as an inviting place to gather and to enjoy both public amenities and private businesses. The plan also includes a vision for Center Run Trail as a vibrant green space connecting the U.S. 250 corridor with the downtown area. Each element of the plan was created to be attainable within 10 years.

Designed to be specific and realistic, this is not one of those strategic plans that sits on a shelf. City leaders keep the plan close at hand as a guide for creating real action in a targeted way.