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Arlene Beebe

After a lifetime of teaching, Arlene Stauffer Beebe is dedicating her legacy to the Ashland County Community Foundation for the benefit of children, church and the community.

Arlene was born and grew up in Ashland with an identical twin sister who lives in Chicago. Her father taught her to always save before she spent and over the years the savings (invested) have multiplied so she can share with both her family and the community.

She has traveled throughout the world and tried to live a life of service in her church, hospital, Red Cross and tutoring literacy volunteers.

Arlene has a Masters Degree in Education and was an Ashland University Adjunct professor after 30 years’ classroom teaching in New York and Chicago.

Presently she enjoys reading and swimming. Traveling and bicycling were given up after back surgeries.

The Ashland County Community Foundation seemed a suitable, wonderful way to perpetuate good for children as well as the community.

Prepared 2010