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Barbara McCammon

Barbara (Bobbi) Brandt McCammon was born and raised in Ashland. In high school, she belonged to several clubs and played flute and piccolo in band and orchestra. During World War II, she was a “Minute Maid” and helped her country by selling war bonds and stamps at various events.

She attended Wooster College and was vice president of her sophomore class. She had to quit college when her father became ill, at which time she started working at the Ashland Bank & Savings, which later became Bank One. Bobbie worked there for 40 years and retired in 1987 as an administrative officer and executive secretary.

On February 12, 1949 Bobbi married Wallace McCammon who died in 1987, after which she moved to Brethren CareVillage. She is a member of the First UnitedMethodist Church and the Eastern Star.

As Bobbi has no family near her, she wished to make a charitable gift annuity to an organization which would provide her with adequate income as well as benefit the Ashland community. She found the ACCF to be an excellent source for these desires. She has named several charities to benefit from her gift at the termination of her annuity payments.

Prepared 2005