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F. Dean and Joan Bartosic

Dean and Joan were married in June 1950. The family moved from Connecticut to Ashland in 1969 when Dean left American Can Company to assume presidency of the Garber Company. He, with four associates, later purchased the company and Dean retired in 1994. The Bartosics are Eucharistic Ministers at St. Edward’s Church in Ashland. Their long-time belief in the positive impact a faith-based education can have on children prompted them to be among the major supporters of St. Edward’s School. The Bartosic family consists of a daughter, six sons, and 13 grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bartosic believe The Ashland County Community Foundation is an excellent vehicle to handle legacy bequests. Not only will the income from a bequest continue to benefit a charity forever, but the original gift will increase in value, as will the income from the gift.

A significant part of their legacy to the Foundation is specified as “unrestricted.” Dean stated, “We cannot tell today who will be the most needy fifty years from now. But through the years, the sixteen-member Board of Trustees will make those decisions, and unrestricted funds will be distributed by the trustees where they are most needed.”

Prepared 2005