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George W. Ebert

George W. Ebert, a 1936 graduate of Loudonville High School, was a quiet man, a factory laborer and farm owner.  He lived very conservatively and acquired funds to “give back” to his Ashland Community.

The George W. Ebert Memorial Scholarship was established by the trust of Mr. Ebert.  He wanted to provide the opportunity for students of the Loudonville-Perrysville School system to acquire a college education who otherwise might not be able to attend college because of financial reasons.  This scholarship, awarded annually, is for tuition, room, board, and books. 

Ken and Dorothy Stitzlein, executors of the Ebert estate, chose the Ashland County Community Foundation to hold this scholarship saying, “We knew that for this scholarship to be perpetual as Mr. Ebert would have liked, management will be needed long after we are gone.  The Foundation is a reputable organization appropriate for responsible management of this scholarship fund.  Further, we can rest assured knowing everything from investment to scholarship distribution will be taken care of.  We are very grateful for the Ashland County Community Foundation and the services it provides.”

This scholarship is a legacy…for the generations to come.  George Ebert’s name and his care for others are heartwarming examples of goodness.

Prepared 2005