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Harold (Hank) and Betty Lou Hiner

Hank and Betty Lou Hiner grew up in Ashland and began dating before WWII. After the war and Hank’s POW experience (and the exchange of many love letters) they were married July 1945. Both the Wells and Hiner families were members of Trinity Lutheran Church.

They returned to Ohio State University and Hank graduated from Ag college. Hank built a modern feed company in Hayesville and after a successful twenty years he attended the New York Institute of Finance and became a stock broker and retired in 1986. During this time they purchased the Ferguson Farm of 183 acres and reared three daughters.

The Hiners believe it is time to do some financial planning and give back to their community via the Ashland County Community Foundation. Hank and Betty Lou said “This is the ideal organization to distribute our financial help to others for years to come.” Dr. Lucille Ford and Hank were classmates at Ashland High School in 1940. They admire the work she and the Board of Trustees have done to create ACCF.

Prepared 2009