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Inez A. Page

Inez A. Page, who died in 2004 at the age of 103, was a caring, sensitive individual who valued education and was committed to her profession of educating future generations. She was born in Tescott, Kansas in 1901 to Dennis and Louise Daum O’Brien. Ms. Page graduated from EmporiaState Teachers College in Kansas and served as an elementary school teacher for the Salina Kansas schools for many years. An Ashland resident since 1940, Ms. Page was a member of the Presbyterian Church for more than 50 years and a member of the Eastern Star. She enjoyed playing bridge and traveling throughout the world. Her husband, Hermon, preceded her in death in 1974.

In her later years, Inez found a charitable gift annuity with the Ashland County Community Foundation appropriate to meet her needs. During her lifetime, she received a fixed distribution each quarter; the residual dollars, upon her death, were distributed as she designated. Her love and value of education will be perpetuated through her establishment of a scholarship for education majors, and her foresight and ability to see beyond the present day is represented in her unrestricted gift to help meet the ever-changing needs of the Ashland Community.

Ms. Page was a content, positive, and generous lady – an inspiration to us all.

Prepared 2005