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J. Robert and Ruth L. Tipton

J. Robert and Ruth Tipton moved to Ashland in 1940 when Bob was hired to be the Industrial Arts Teacher at AHS. During WWII, Bob worked at Eagle Rubber Company in the summer months and was hired on as a full time employee in 1944. He became the Vice President of the company and after retiring from Eagle Rubber, he worked at Kent Sporting Goods in New London for another 10 years. Bob believed that working hard at something you liked kept you young! He and Ruth built their home on Sandusky Street where they have lived for over 60 years. Bob is an avid woodworker and Ruth served as treasurer of First Christian Church for over 25 years. She enjoys knitting, crocheting and playing bridge and both Bob and Ruth enjoy spending time with their family which includes three children, 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Their three children all graduated from Ashland High School.

“We chose to share with generations to come because we believe that it is important to give back to the community in which you have lived. We have been blessed with good health and good fortune and we want that good fortune to have an impact on people in AshlandCounty long after we are gone. We can help our church and other organizations whose work and mission we value by leaving money through the community foundation. We believe that ACCF will be able to respond to the needs of a growing and changing society long after we have passed on. By leaving a portion of our trust to the ACCF unrestricted fund, we believe that future boards of the Foundation will be able to respond to the unknown needs that lie ahead for Ashland County.”

Prepared 2005