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James A. and Rebecca A. Rosby

Jim and Becky married in 1977 and moved to Ashland in 1978. Here Jim established his business as an investment representative for Edward Jones and has served his company for 23 years. Jim believes in the community and in giving back, and has openly dedicated his life to supporting areas throughout the County that are in need. He strongly recommends and encourages his customers throughout the AshlandCounty community to follow his example in supporting the Ashland community. In fact, Jim believes one of the most effective ways to support charitable organizations is through the Ashland County Community Foundation.

Both Jim and Becky (who passed away in 2002) volunteered on several charitable boards in the community, including the executive boards of Hospice and the Humane Society, and the Board of Trustees of the Chamber of Commerce and United Way. By volunteering, both realized that in every case the organization never had enough donated money that could be used toward the administrative staff. Most organizations needed monies to offset the cost of salaries so that donations could be used for the actual purpose of the charity. The Rosbys believed that more money was needed for the good works of the organizations, yet the administrative support staff still needed to be accounted for. Jim and Becky supported the Ashland County Community Foundation because they strongly believed in the principles and service that formulated the organization. They both felt so strongly about the need to support administrative staff for charitable organizations for generations to come that they gave irrevocably.

Jim remarried to Denise in 2004 and together plan to continue the same philosophies, beliefs and goals toward the community. They instill daily these principles to their children and growing family, and express the need to support charitable organizations that continually provide excellent service, quality care and nurturing of individuals throughout the community. Knowing that their family interacts and has a Foundation here in the AshlandCounty community, they are grateful that this legacy will continue.

Prepared 2005