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Jim and Phyllis McClure

Jim and Phyllis McClure were born and raised in the Loudonville area.

Jim was a Ford-Mercury dealer for 36 years, and was active in National Dealer affairs. He was a member of the Ford National Dealer Council, Chairman of the Cleveland District Advertising Committee, and a member of the National Dealer Franchising Committee, where the Ford franchise was re-written with dealer input. He also served on the National Marketing Committee. He was a trustee for the Ohio Auto Dealers Assn., representing the 32nd Ohio Senatorial District.

Jim served for 31 years on the Farmers Bank Board, being Chairman for 11 years. McClure also served on the First Knox National Bank Board and the First Knox Corp. Board.

McClure was active in local affairs, receiving the Loudonville-Mohican Area Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Achievement Award for 2000. He also found the prospect and made initial contacts, resulting in “Step II” coming to this area.

Phyllis taught High School Vocational Home Economics in the L-PSchool system for 20 years. She was Chairman of the committee that established “Helping Hands” a service that provides help for those in need living in the L-P school district.

She served on the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, at that time responsible for the Ohio State Fair. Being the only woman on the board, she was responsible for the Women’s activities at the fair.

The McClure’s have two children, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Jim and Phyllis feel the Ashland County Community Foundation adds to the quality of life in Ashland County. Having been involved with the Foundation since its inception, the McClure’s desire to facilitate this “good” long into the future with their legacy gift.