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Lizet Weitthoff

Life in Loudonville was a pleasure for Lizet Weitthoff. However, she more enjoyed traveling and visiting unique places.

Born in Ashland, Ohio in 1950, Lizet lived with her parents, Helen and Harry Weitthoff, outside of Loudonville on St. Rt. 60 in a house where many years ago Charles F. Kettering, Loudonville’s most famous person, had attended school. Also, she spent the racing season in Saratoga Springs, NY.

In addition to traveling, Liz enjoyed golfing, hunting mushrooms, shopping, watching Broadway shows, following horse races, and eventually, investing in thoroughbreds with the goal of winning the Kentucky Derby. On her adventures Liz sometimes met celebrities such as Donald Trump, Aaron Neville, and Norman Vaughan, mountain climber and Iditarod racer, all with whom she had her picture taken. Later, those pictures became Christmas cards which were cherished by family and friends.

Liz had a special fondness for her elderly friends and animal friends; her community of Loudonville; and her special interests, like the Central Park fountain, the Ashland County Humane Society, the National Museum of Racing, and the Loudonville Fair.

Liz died of ovarian cancer in 2007. By establishing an endowment fund, she trusted ACCF with helping the Village of Loudonville to fund the annual Fourth of July fireworks.
Prepared 2011