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Philip and Susan Shafer

Phil and Susan Shafer’s decision to reside in Ashland was an important one. When Phil completed graduate work at Washington and Lee LawSchool, they considered their three-fold criteria: a small town, employment in a county seat and the presence of a college. Considering this the best environment for their family and careers, they found Ashland a community of caring people interested in education, civic responsibility and culture. They feel their choice proved to be everything they expected and more.

“The recent establishment of the Ashland County Community Foundation has proven to be the prime example of the community’s concern for others. It enables our family to contribute in an individual way through a Donor Advised Fund now and in the future. During our lifetimes we can make yearly contributions of significance to programs of our choice through the income generated by our fund. In the future our three daughters will continue this process by making decisions to strengthen new and existing programs in AshlandCounty, which shaped their lives. Since 1965 we have been the recipients of the generosity of others, and we strive to help others through our Foundation Donor Advised Fund.”

Prepared 2005